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FF's Characteristics.

1.- FF acts against the formation of lime scale and can be used with any other type of water treatment.

2.- FF can treat any volume of water desired.

3.- FF is an exterior treatment.  Both parts, which form one FF unit, embrace the whole diameter of the pipe at the chosen treatment point. The magnetic field acts alone on the water, regardless of the type of pipe (PVC, Copper, Iron, etc.).

4.- FF's magnetic field is perpendicular and almost concentric to the flow of the water. Neodymium and Ferrite magnets are used.

5.- The chosen FF model must be installed on a straight part of the pipe to avoid turbulence problems.

6.- The water's speed supplies the necessary energy (minimum water speed 0.2m/s).

7.- The treatment is initiated at the point where the FF model is installed.  See measurements table.

8.- Above 60ºC, in saturated or supersaturated water, Ion precipitation is increased.  For this, we recommend repeat treatment near hot water outlets in heaters, boilers, heat exchangers, etc.

9.- The FF range covers diameters from 6 to 600 mm, differentiated for dealing with fuel burners, small heaters, washer, dishwashers, coffee machines, etc., as well as in domestic or industrial use.

10.- Industrial Use.   The following factors must be considered: a) The general layout of the installation b) The chemical analysis of the water: especially the pH, total hardness, the content of CaCO3 (mg/l),  Iron and SiO2, TDS (Total dissolved solids), and the presence of algae or micro-organisms.

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